Nonton TV Series My Journey To You (2023) Ongoing

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My Journey To You (2023) Ongoing

Genre: Drama
Year: 2023Duration: 60 MinView: 1,784 views
2 votes, average 6.5 out of 10

A story of the rebellious son Gong Ziyu and spy Yun Weishan, who yearns for her freedom. Gong Ziyu lost his father and brother overnight, and was appointed as the head of the family but soon notices this power brought him into a dangerous situation. Yun Weishan is sent to him as a sleeper agent and now she has to choose between freedom and love.

Last Air Date:11 Sep 2023
Number Of Episode:24
Sutradara:Tidak Diketahui
Cast:Cheng Lei, Jing Jin, Lu Yuxiao, Sun Chenjun, Tian Jiarui, Yu Shuxin, Zhang Linghe

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